“How many treatments do I need?” is a frequently asked question. Acupuncture is highly effective. I recommend most people to have 2-3 treatments, as this has been shown to be the most effective. For some, this is enough, and for others, more treatments are needed. If you haven’t felt any effect after 2-3 treatments, I recommend that you stop the treatment with me. However, the vast majority of you will experience a positive noticeable effect after the first treatment.

First Visit


Consultation + 2 treatments.

ContactTreatment 30-45 min

Follow up treatment


Next treatment after first visit.

Contact1 treatment 30-45 min

Bonus Card


Buy 4 get 5

Contact5 treatments.

BMA Eye program


2 treatments every days for 10 days.

Contact20 treatments.

Home Visit


Transport + treatment.

Contact30-45 min.