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Acupuncture by Amund

Port Andratx / Palmanova


My goal is that everyone can be pain-free, healthy, and happy, which is why I offer acupuncture treatments in Port Andratx and Palmanova.

Acupuncture by Amund is an acupuncture clinic specializing in treatment of pain, both Chronic and acute Pain, Eye disease like ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma.

Acupuncture by Amund is now also working with the MALLORCA INSTITUTE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH AND WELLBEING in Palmanova

Acupuncture by Amund treats the person as a whole and finds the root cause of the illness, not just the symptoms of the disease.

Less Needles, Big Impact

Acupuncture by Amund achieves significant energetic changes with minimal needle insertions. The focus is on precise needle placement, ensuring minimal discomfort while maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment

In more than 80% of the treatments I only use 1 needle.